W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS was formed on the Eight of September 2015, by Sensei John Wilson who is a 2nd Dan black belt & Amy Wilson we started in 2007 at Tora-shanti karate do under Alexander covek and we done weapons at SMAA under kip Stavrou.

W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS is a school that is based on the karate art form of Shotokan (founded by Master Ginshin Fanakoshi). AS a member of W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS you will buildadult-karate

  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Balance
  • Determination
  • Patience

The Karate concepts that you will learn within W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS depends on the karate rank that you hold as a student. Each level of Karate brings you new goals and concepts to achieve.
The concepts that W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS focuses on are

  •  Kata (traditional patterns)
  •  Okinawan Weapons
  • Self defence
  • Sparring (fighting)
  • Basics
  • Fitness

W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS runs a number of specialty classes each week to cater for different age groups and karate based ability levels. W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS also runs a Kobudo class that is one night a week that has 9 different levels that you will learn and we also run an Advances class that is also one night a week. W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS also openly competes in tournaments for the students who have the competitive streak; we use Karate-Ratings.com to enter into Tournaments. W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS is in alliance and associated with world martial arts alliance and ISKA Australia. W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS are level 1 karate accredited Instructors and are work covered, and senior first aid trained. Our instructors are of the highest standards. Our mission at W.S.K MARTIAL ARTS are ensure that these values and life skills will lead to remarkable improvement in academics, careers and relationships, literally making a better community one black belt at a time.